Hi, I am Kyla wolfe.

I Help Elite athletes Find renewed joy and success in Their Life after Sport

I know the transition into life after sport is often painful and challenging. But, don't worry. I have coached many motivated athletes, just like yourself, through the transition enabling them to truly thrive and maximize their potential post-retirement. Are you next?

The Five Greatest

elite athletes face after leaving their sport.

Loss of Identity and Purpose

Elite athletes often start their training very shortly after they learn to walk. For many of us, it is all we know. It is how we identify. It is our purpose. When you leave your sport, you are also leaving behind a deeply rooted identity and a defining purpose.

Loss of community and support system

As an elite athlete, we have a team of and a support system surrounding us. Once you retire, you lose your coaches, your team, your community. For the first time in years, you are left without support and without adequate preparation for life after sport.

Struggle to find work

The job market becomes increasingly competitive each year. The task of finding a job can be daunting in itself. And, while laser focus on your sport has helped you succeed in that arena, it can leave you with little experience on your resume with many sought after professional skills underdeveloped.

Physiological changes and symptoms

Pushing our bodies to their limits has made us strong, but we have all had our fair share of aches, pains, and injuries. In retirement, pain from past injuries may persist, in addition to changes to your body composition and struggling to stay motivated to keep up physical fitness.

Emotional distress

Athletes are passionate and highly driven. There's nothing like the high of competition and that feeling after a win. In retirement, you will experience chemical withdrawals due to reduced physical activity. This in addition to the strong emotions that come with retiring can cause many athletes to develop mental health disorders, if proactive action is not taken.

How I help

1:1 Coaching

Let’s tackle the 5 main challenges athletes face post-retirement together through 1:1 zoom sessions, exercises, and more.

Online Courses

Take a self-paced course that will follow the same structure as the 1:1 program except in a do-it-yourself format.

Career Coaching

Get help with your job search, your resume, your LinkedIn, cover letters, and/or interview preparation.


If you have completed either 1:1 coaching or an online course, you will be able to schedule one off sessions and join our alumni network.


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Kyla since she first came to train with me at IMG as a young girl. I watched her develop as an exceptional athlete and intelligent woman. Through her life and career, she was able to overcome many challenges with her determination and work ethic. She as a person is kind, motivated, empathetic, and very eager to help others which makes her a great coach. Kyla has my full support and endorsement. I recommend all athletes facing retirement to reach out to her."
Denis P.
Head Coach at IMG Academy
"Kyla has personally helped me through every aspect of the job search process– from overhauling my resume, preparing for job interviews, through to salary negotiations and everything in between. I would highly recommend others to work with her."
Thomas W.
Product Manager & Former Athlete
"Kyla has done a great job at transitioning from her athletic career into her professional career. She was able to rebuild herself and land a successful tech career in Silicon Valley. Now, she is an excellent coach who is helping other retiring athletes. She knows how to market herself and market others. Kyla’s former experience along with her acquired skills and knowledge, have equipped her to help athletes prosper in their post-athletic careers"
Jim S.
Senior Director at Exactech
How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.
Schedule a consultation
Schedule a time on my calendar where we will discuss your current challenges, your future goals, and how I can best help.
Review your game plan
I will put together a game plan with specific action items and milestones that will set you up for success.
Commit to putting in the work
Finding success in any area of life first starts with commitment and effort. As a team, we will both work to help your achieve your goals.
Thrive in your life after sport
In the end, you will have overcome any challenges that stood in your way. You will have found renewed direction and purpose. You will have achieved your goals. And, lastly, you will have developed the necessary skills to live life to your fullest potential.

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